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friends only
Add me if I know you or you want to get to know me better, but keep in mind...

I rarely add people. I prefer not to let my friends list grow too large.
I don't usually let people I know in real life read my LJ because I'm self-conscious, so don't take any offense if you know me in real life and I don't add you back. It is likely nothing personal! There are several people I know and hang out with sometimes in real life whose LJs I have not added. I'm just weird like that.
I'm more likely to add back friends-of-friends. In fact, if we have a few mutual friends, that's the fastest way to get on my friends list.
Do not be sad if I don't add you back! Really... you aren't missing much by not being able to read my LJ.
If I took you off my list, you've either been inactive for years or never update, I simply feel like we've grown apart, or I don't feel comfortable with you reading my personal thoughts for whatever reason. Or maybe you took me off first! Whatever the case, feel free to talk to me about it. (The most common reason for de-friending is definitely lack of updates...)
I believe in friendships outside of LJ. Not being on my list does not mean not being in my life.

My LJ mostly contains: Life updates, personal anecdotes, artwork I've done, funny/interesting links, photographs
What you'll rarely see in my LJ: Fandom related things, angst, drama, venting, detailed accounts of what I did today, quizzes and surveys, memes, politics
Whatever I put in my journal, stays in my journal.

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